(All in custom sitdown cabinets)
Tempe, Arizona, USA
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Location games last seen on:2006-11
Last change to this page:2006-12

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Asteroids Centipede Donkey Kong Frogger
Gorf Mario Bros. Pac-Man Tetris

Comments on This Location
2016-04-14PacgirlUnfortunately, As of January 2016, Gameworks is no longer. That was a great arcade with a very fun atmosphere. If you are looking for another arcade,I would recommend "Starfighters Arcade" in Mesa located on McKellips and just East of Greenfield. That place has too many classic games to mention.
2002-02-23Senor Y.Gameworks is a rip-off, and the classics are in generic cabs with extra large monitors and they sit really low, aren't quite uprights. I never go there because their classics suck and their drinks are over priced. There needs to be a real arcade in phoenix.
2001-03-13 Shane R. MonroeI found the generic 'cabs' the classics use very uncomforable to use. Especially TRON, as the control panel is at a very odd angle.
2001-01-02MauriceA great place for classic games. It has all the most current ones at the bottom floor, but go upstairs to find the really old ones. Great price and a great location.

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