The Gold Mine Saloon
(French Quarter)
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
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Location games last seen on:2005-03
Last change to this page:2005-03

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After Burner II Atari R.B.I. Baseball Burgertime Centipede
Crazy Climber (cocktail) Dexlue Asteroids Dig Dug Donkey Kong
Frogger Galaga Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road Joust
Jungle King Moon Patrol Pac-Man Pole Position II
Popeye Q*Bert Road Blasters Sea Devil
Space Invaders Deluxe Spy Hunter Stargate Tetris
Track & Field Zaxxon

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Comments on This Location
2012-12-10DanI think I am going to give up on this arcade. I went there last year on a normal weekday night. Nothing. Then, I went there Friday night of this Thanksgiving weekend, and no one was there. I wish they would just put a closed sign on the door. I guess they could have been out of town for the weekend, but I doubt I will ever have the chance to try again.
2009-09-07DanArrived there around 5:00 PM on Friday. They are supposed to be open "7:30 PM until ???". Had to leave before that. Shame.
2009-05-22LanceWent there last weekend, most of the games are still there, but some were not working. I'd recommend checking it out.
2009-02-03DanProbably just a private party. Very common in some arcades.
2009-01-30Rob the arcade hunterI went to the Gold Mine and found it locked with people inside back in December 08. I tried calling their number but it has been disconnected. Are they closed for business?
2008-07-28DanDid this place survive the flood? I think the French Quarter was spared some flooding.
2006-10-26bill My granfather is the owner of the Gold Mine Saloon and it is a good place to hang out for adults ( 21 and up) i like all the old games ( get to play them when their closed) my faverit game is the pin-ball games i'm pritey sure that they have the new guns and roses pin-ball machine in by now (that game is heavey)i like the monster truck ame too i'm in 6th place on there soo ya
2005-11-25Dave Brinks/OwnerPost-Katrina Update...We're still here, still standing! And all the great classic arcades are too! Hours: Thurs-Sat 7pm-4am.
2005-09-11KeithiecreepieWonder if this guy and his games survived Katrina?
2004-07-13Eddie PI was here the evening of Friday July 9, and it ROCKED!! The Gold Mine Saloon is the undisputed king of retrocades in the Deep South. My only criticism is that it's only open on Friday and Saturday nights, but the owner is a great guy and a game collector himself. Who knows, maybe we can work our way up someday yet to "Funspot-Deep South" (fingers crossed)!

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