Ocean City, Maryland, USA
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Location games last seen on:2019-07
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Galaga Ms. Pac-Man

Comments on This Location
2004-01-21ABROut of the 4 "major league" arcades on the boardwalk, this one is the lamest. First off, it has the worst location. It's located in the 10th street area I believe. IMO, the real action packed boardwalk ends around when the numbered streets begin, basically other than those staying in the hotels past 1st street, there's really no point in going past 1st street. All the tacky (but good) restaurants, soveinour shops start to come to an end. Although because it is really the only entertainment thing after the Fun City arcade, this place gets PACKED on summer nights by those unfortunate enough to be staying in hotels between 5th street and 26th street (the part of the boardwalk with "nothing" but hotels) It's certainly worth a look, but I wasn't happy because of the size and the crowds. I suggest making your way up to Fun City or Sportland or Playland (the other 3 major league boardwalk arcades)

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