($7.50 at the door - Games all free play)
Springfield, Missouri, USA
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Location games last seen on:2016-03
Last change to this page:2019-06

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Asteroids Bosconian Centipede Defender
Dexlue Asteroids Dig Dug Donkey Kong Junior Elevator Action
Fighters History Galaga Gaplus Gauntlet
Gauntlet II Golden Axe Gorf Gyruss
Mappy Moon Patrol Ms. Pac Man P.O.W. Prisoners Of War
Popeye Rampage Shinobi Sinistar
Smash TV Space Duel Space Invaders Spy Hunter
Star Trek Star Wars (cockpit) Tempest Time Pilot 84
Tron Vindicators Xevious Xybots

Comments on This Location
2012-03-07Daniel SolisUpdate on games no longer there: Gorf, Mappy, Fighters History. Games broke down: Galaga, shinobi, Ikari Warriors. Games not fully working small or large problems: Battlezone controls. Black Knight 2000 display Space Invaders Pinball sound Golden Axe monitor TRON spinner control flakey recent trip Feb, 2012
2009-04-20JoeyI live a few hours away but I'm driving up there this summer to check it out. Sounds heavenly! Need more like this.
2009-01-06RobI drove nearly hundreds of miles to see this place. The place reminds me of the old game rooms from the early 80s. I thought it would be more seedy, but contrary to what I thought it was well kept. A nice lineup of machines included my favorite Doneky Kong as well as Tron, Dig Dug, Joust, and plenty of others. They need a Dragon's Lair machine so their collection could be complete.
2007-12-26SteveI take my sons here to meet up with other father/son friends. We all have a great time. He have been going about once a month since he found out about it. For Christmas my sons wanted legacy games. I got them a Ms Pac Man plug in console and the PC Atari 80s game collection. They have been practicing for our next trip to 1984.
2007-02-12Sandy ClarkTotally Awesome! The 80's vibe, the handmade buttons, the 12-year-olds racing to check the high scores board before racing back to their game all add to the period feeling. Someone needs to shoot a film in there.
2006-11-16Chris StuartI'm one of the owners of 1984 and wanted to let everyone know we have expanded. We now have "The Bonus Level" - which is a party room you can rent while we are open - in addition to being able to rent out our whole facility. We now have over 45 games - that includes 4 pinballs. Come check us out!
2005-10-23ScottTruly amazing place....its like stepping back into time into the good ole' 80's and seeing and playing these classic games and hearing the 80's music and 80's videos they project on one of the arcade walls. I go every friday, and the owner is 2 years older than me and has become my good friend. Possible new games on the way include Donkey kong,Qbert,Shinobi, Robotron,Pacman,Galaxian, to name a few. (he has located these games, but hasnt finished negotiating on prices) Absolutly awesome place and a dream come true for the die hard 80's arcade fanatics like myself!! Long live the 80's!

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