The Place Retro Arcade

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
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Location games last seen on:2015-03
Last change to this page:2016-01

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Arkanoid Asteroids Asteroids Deluxe Battlezone
Burgertime Centipede Cosmic Avenger Crazy Climber
Crystal Castles Defender Dig Dug Donkey Kong
Dragons Lair Food Fight Frogger Galaga
Gauntlet II Gyruss Hard Drivin Joust
Jungle King Kickman Lady Bug Make Trax
Marble Madness Mario Bros. Missile Command Moon Patrol
Mouse Trap Mr. Do! Ms. Pac-Man Pac-Man
Popeye Punch-Out!! Q*Bert Rally-X
Rampage Red Baron Robotron: 2084 Sinistar
Spy Hunter Star Wars Tapper Tempest
Time Pilot Track & Field Tron Turbo
Tutankhan Warlords Zaxxon

Comments on This Location
2017-01-03Michal CWas an awesome place with some great machines. Hated to see it go.
2016-07-05JeffSadly, The Place Retro Arcade is now closed (May, 2016)

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