Cedar Point Amusement Park

Sandusky, Ohio, USA
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Location games last seen on:2005-07
Last change to this page:2005-10

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Arm Champs II Battlezone Berzerk Big Event Golf
Centipede Defender Dexlue Asteroids Donkey Kong
Drag Race Four Trax Frogger Galaga
Galaxian Gauntlet Gorf Gun Fight
Lunar Lander Missile Command Monaco GP (cockpit) Ms. Pac-Man
Night Driver Pac-Man Phoenix Power Drift (cockpit)
Race Drivin' (cockpit) Red Baron (cockpit) Ring King Robotron: 2084
Sea Wolf Section Z Space Harrier Space Invaders
Space Tactics (cockpit) Speed Freak Star Castle Stargate
Starhawk Stunt Cycle Super Bug Tail Gunner (cockpit)
Trojan Turbo (cockpit) Wizard Of Wor World Series - The Season
X-Men (6 player) Zaxxon

Comments on This Location
2019-11-22Ray BarkerMost of the classic games were removed in 2018 sadly and sold at auction. The last treaces of the old games they had lying around icluding Four Trax, Wizard of Wor and a Ms. Pac-Man (all dead) were sold at auction 11/18/2019.
2016-09-23Joe RybickiAfter 10 years I FINALLY FOUND IT. The game I was talking about below was called Target UFO, and it was actually an electronic game (with physical moving parts), not a videogame. God I feel so much better now.
2008-02-01Galaxian82Here's my youtube video of the classic 80's arcade games Cedar Point's Main arcade had in 2007. It's called "1980's Classic Arcade Games at Cedar Point '07". The video description tells you which games were working and which ones were worse for the wear. Down quite a bit from just a few years ago. I hope they continue to maintain a collection of at least this size: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXUHsjzD4Dg
2007-08-29Just WonderingDoes anybody know if the Punching speed bag game is still @ C.P. If so, what is the name of the game?
2007-02-06Dender LoverDo the defender work now?
2006-05-28MikeI was just at CP 2 days ago, and several games on the list are now gone, though I'm not sure which ones. I definitely don't remember seeing the Race Drivin', though. Pretty much all the classic games were working, although Defender stole my quarter and Donkey Kong's joystick was sticking. Off topic, their DDR machines actually work GOOD now.
2006-05-24Joe RybickiThis is driving me crazy. Cedar Point used to have a very old-school periscope-type game with a type of cabinet I've never seen before or since. You'd straddle this seat and actually rotate the whole machine 360 degrees to control the direction of your firing. It's not there anymore. Anyone have any idea what it's called?
2005-10-07LewisThey have a Gauntlet there as well. I know this because I watched a friend who hates roller coasters play this all day on one quarter.
2005-01-21Jack OboraI was there about a year ago, and they also have Speed Freak. (Was working!!!) Unfortunately, Most of the others weren't. Still cool to see them on display!
2002-11-14Jeffair10They have 4 Robotrons, 2 Defenders and one Joust. None of which worked as of 08/15/02 :( Must5 be a Williams thing.
2002-11-14Jeffair10BUT..... I spent 42minutes playing Lunar Lander on $.50. The Coin-Ops' thrust lever works SO MUCH better than the arrow key on my keyboard
2001-11-14Vagus10Unfortunately, the really old stuff is in a state of disrepair. As of October, 2001 most of the electromechanical games didn't work. It was nice to see them on display, though. (The old pinball machines were mostly working.) I asked one of the staff and he told me it's impossible to get parts for the wire-frame games anymore. There still are some classic video games including Berzerk and the rest of the park makes it well worth the trip.
2001-08-13mbtrptFor those interested in what gaming looked like before the advent of the microchip, this arcade has some major stuff - old, OLD (we're talking pre-1965 here) "3D shooters," and an impressive collection of classic electro-magnetic pinball tables. Some of the classic games have been spread across two other smaller arcades within the park, with some added and some no longer working. Still, go check it out.
2001-02-15Joel Hedge Cedar Point arcade is a serious distraction to the rest of the amusement park. This is one of few places with a Battle Zone. There area some other great wire frame object games from 1977-1980ish including Red Baron. The pinball games date back to the 50s. One pinball game is so huge that the ball is a cue ball from a pool table. There are more than 50 games. There are more than 10 from each decade dating back to the 1950s. I expected to see a Swat Cats pinball, but didn't. Cedar Point arcade compares well to Weir's Beach Funspot (N.H.) for depth of games, obscurity of games and sheer nostalga. Enter Cedar Point at the after 5 PM rate if you are just going to the arcade.
2000-12-11GriggiThey used to have 2 Robotrons and a boatload of other stuff. Did they get rid of them?

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