Seattle Waterfront Arcade
(Pier 57)
Seattle, Washington, USA
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Location games last seen on:2010-07
Last change to this page:2008-08

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Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 1981

Comments on This Location
2014-11-05Wile E. CoyoteSadly, this place has shut down. :(
2010-06-16JNDefender is gone. Just 1 classic game left.
2007-02-27TetrisFan2/27/2007 called to confirm and NO TETRIS
2004-06-16Dawud JacksonWOW, I don't believe quarters (renamed recently I guess...) is still around! I'm not sure when this place started, but I know it had to be in the 80's as I used to play there as a kid.
2004-01-06pacgirlThis is a very nice arcade but, it's now called something like Seattle Waterfront arcade or something along the lines of that. I was just here a couple days ago, and they still have all the games listed except Missile Command and Space Invaders. All the games are in nice shape, and this arcade is still in Pier 57 which is located just to the RIGHT of the aquarium.Just go down the hall of shops, and you'll see it.
2003-12-28JNIt is under the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Near University St.
2003-12-26RockysakiWhere is Quarters located?
2003-12-26Richard M.In response to Rockysaki's question, info on Quarter's can be found at Their phone number is 206/623-8600 and are at 1301 Alaskan Way (rte 99).

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