Classic Arcade Game Locations for Canada
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State/ProvCityPlaceGamesDate Seen Comments
AlbertaEdmontonAirportMs. Pac-Man2002-010
AlbertaCalgaryAirportBubble Bobble , Super Monaco GP 2005-05- 1 -
AlbertaBanffBanaff Central Bus StationOperation Wolf2000-050
AlbertaCalgaryCampus CoveArkanoid , Bubble Bobble , Knights Of The Round , Tetris 2005-070
AlbertaEdmontonRoad RunnerMs. Pac-Man, Out Run, Raiden2002-040
AlbertaBanffRose & Crown BarGalaga (cocktail)2000-050
AlbertaEdmontonTelus World of Science (Web Page) (free to play)Lunar Lander2009-060
AlbertaBanffThe PaddockGalaga (cocktail)2000-050
AlbertaPlamondonThe Pelican Grill (Lounge)1942 (cocktail), Tetris (cocktail)2005-090
AlbertaSiksika NationThunderstruck Amusement (Web Page) Bubble Bobble, Final Lap 2, Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road, Lethal Enforcers, Majestic Twelve - The Space Invaders Part IV, Multicade, Sky Soldiers, Tetris, X-Men2009-050
AlbertaEdmontonWest Edmonton Mall (Web Page) (Amusement area arcade)Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga/Frogger2005-060
Brit. ColumbiaPlace TerraceGuys Family Rec CenterBaby Pac-Man, Bubble Bobble, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior, Double Dragon, Dragon's Lair, Galaga, Galaga '88, Gauntlet, Hang-On, Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road, Karate Champ, Kung-Fu Master, Ms. Pac-Man (cocktail), NARC, P-47: The Freedom Fighter, Pole Position, R-Type, Road Blasters, Rolling Thunder, Space Invaders, Super Sprint, Tetris, Track & Field, Twin-Hawk1999-04- 3 -
British ColumbiaVancouverAirport(Terminal 4)Ms. Pac-Man1999-050
British ColumbiaCumberlandBarcadium amusementsAsteroids, Defender, Elevator action, Ms Pac-Man, Pole position, Roadblasters, Sprint 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles2016-110
British ColumbiaVancouverMovieland ArcadeMs. Pac-Man, Multi-Arcade2006-080
British ColumbiaPentictonOkanagan AmusementsGalaga, Hang-On, Ms. Pac-Man, Operation Wolf, Star Wars, Super Sprint2003-02- 1 -
British ColumbiaMerritRoche Lake Resort(Arcade attached to restaurant)Cadash , WWF Wrestlefest 2000-080
British ColumbiaVancouverSide Bar Lounge. Bosman's Motor InnAsteroids (cocktail), Galaga2005-02- 1 -
British ColumbiaUclueletSmiley's Family RestaurantArkanoid, Buster Bros., Galaga, Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder, Total Carnage2006-080
New BrunswickMonctonSpin-it Records (Web Page) Space Invaders2016-100
Nova ScotiaAntigonishRollies Family EntertainmentSpy Hunter, Tetris1998-120
Nova Scotia-New BrunDigby-St. JohnPrincess of Acadia-Ferry BoatPac-Man2001-02- 1 -
OntarioHamilton1UP Games (Web Page) A.P.B., Bust-A-Move, Crystal Castles, Pac Man Plus, Space Invaders Deluxe, Strikers 1945, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time, The Simpsons, Xybots2016-080
OntarioBarrieBayfield Mall ArcadeWorld Heroes2001-070
OntarioKeswickBig Dave's(30 minutes away from Newmarket)1942 (cocktail), Lady Bug (cocktail)2001-010
OntarioNorth BayCheersArkanoid1998-070
OntarioNiagara FallsCircus WorldHard Drivin'2001-04- 1 -
OntarioLions HeadCorner ConvenienceDonkey Kong Junior, Joust1998-120
OntarioTorontoEl MocamboMs. Pac-Man (cocktail)2000-09- 1 -
OntarioNiagara FallsEmbassy SuitesDonkey Kong/Donkey Kong Junior/Donkey Kong 3, Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 1981, Multigame2008-090
OntarioTorontoGreat Lakes Hostelling InternationalSuper Sprint2002-11- 2 -
OntarioBarrieHappy Man ArcadeTetris2001-070
OntarioTorontoHoneydale MallArkanoid, Galaga '88, Golden Axe1998-060
OntarioNewmarketIn Play Inc. (Web Page) Ms. Pac-Man 2007-110
OntarioTorontoItal Garden's PizzaMs. Pac-Man (cocktail)2003-120
OntarioPembrokeJJ RestaurantGalaxian (cocktail), Ms. Pac-Gal (cocktail)2002-070
OntariotorontoJoe's Snack Bar19422001-090
OntarioKingstonJohn's laundromat restaurant and store1941: Counter Attack2006-080
OntarioBarrieKempview Bowl1942 , Ms. Pac-Man2001-070
OntarioOttawaLucky RonsCentipede (cocktail), Ms. Pac-Man (cocktail)1999-020
OntarioWhitbyMelanie Pringles RestaurantArkanoid - Revenge Of Doh2001-07- 1 -
OntarioOttawaMister Arcade(Many more games, anyone have a complete list?)Pac-Man, Tetris2000-100
OntarioTorontoNational Sports Center (Scarborough)Super Sprint2003-07- 1 -
OntarioNewmarketNorth York drive-in (Web Page) Double Dragon , Frogger , Ms. Pac-Man 2003-050
OntarioKingstonParadiso's PizzaMs. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 19812008-110
OntarioMapleParamount Canada's WonderlandAfter Burner (cockpit)2001-070
OntarioThunder BayR.O.N.'s Virtual WorldFinal Lap 2, G-LOC (cockpit), Ms. Pac-Man, Race Drivin', S.T.U.N. Runner (cockpit), Spy Hunter, Sunset Riders2001-12- 26 -
OntarioNiagara FallsSkylon Tower (bottom)After Burner (cockpit), Clutch Hitter, Final Lap, Four Trax, G-LOC (cockpit), Galaxy Force II (cockpit), Hang-On (ride on), Hard Drivin' (cockpit), High Impact Football, Moto Frenzy, Power Drift (cockpit), Space Harrier (cockpit), Super Monaco GP (cockpit), Thunder Blade (cockpit), Turbo Out Run (cockpit), WGP (ride on)2000-04- 17 -
OntarioFort WilliamSunnybirdsDonkey Kong, Ms. Pac-Man2002-120
OntarioTorontoTilt Arcade BarCover at door and games freeplayArkanoid, Asteroids, Donkey Kong, Ice Cold Beer, Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 1981, Neo Geo, Punch-Out!!, Space Invaders, Super Mario Bros., Tron2016-12- 1 -
OntarioHamiltonTropical Mini Golf & GamesAir Combat, Rolling Thunder, Street Fighter2001-10- 1 -
OntarioTorontoUnion Station (Web Page) Gimme A Break, Pac-Man Plus, Spy Hunter2004-080
OntarioNiagara FallsZappi's Pizzeria (Web Page) Ms. Pac-Man (cocktail)2012-090
OntarioTorontoZazi's Restaurant1942 (Cocktail), Gallag (Cocktail)2008-120
QuebecSherbrookeCafe CampusJr. Pac-Man1998-060
QuebecSaint-JeromeCentre de Quille MirabelChampionship Sprint, Operation Thunderbolt1999-030
QuebecHullEsso B├ędard St.Bubble Bobble, Super Dodge Ball2001-04- 1 -
QuebecSt. Pauls RiverL&R AmusementArabian, Ms. Puckman1998-120
QuebecMontrealPeel PubPac-Man 2000-120
QuebecMontrealPlace VersaillesMs. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 19812004-070
QuebecMontrealTrix Billard et BarUltracade2004-07- 2 -

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