Classic Arcade Game Locations for California
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CityPlaceGamesDate Seen Comments
AlamedaHigh Scores Arcade (Web Page) Deluxe Asteroids, 1942, BurgerTime, Centipede (Cabaret), Championship Baseball, Congo Bongo, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior, Final Fight, Galaga, Gyruss, Joust, Jungle King, Karate Champ, Ladybug, LeMans, Mario Bros., Millipede, Neo-Geo Machine, Pac-Man, Paperboy, Popeye‬, Punch-Out!!, Space Duel, Space Invaders Deluxe, Star Castle, Star Wars, Tetris, Track & Field, Trojan, Tron, Turbo, Zoo Keeper2013-070
AnaheimCamelot GolflandUltracade 2011-10- 8 -
AnaheimDisneyland(Star Tours gift shop)Arkanoid , Asteroids , Battlezone , Centipede , Dig Dug , Frogger , Galaga , Galaxian , Joust , Missile Command , Mr. Do! , Pac-Man , Pole Position , Punch-Out!! , Qix , Rampage , Road Blasters , Robotron: 2084 , Scramble , Stargate , Super Cobra , Track & Field , Yie-Ar Kung Fu , Zaxxon2014-09- 5 -
AnaheimDisneyland HotelThe Simpsons 2006-03- 1 -
AnaheimFlynn's Arcade @ Disneyland's CaliforniaA.P.B., Arkanoid, Asteroids, Battlezone, Berzerk, Buck Rodgers: Planet of Zoom, Centipede, Defender/Stargate, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong Junior, Galaga, Galaxian, Gauntlet, Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road, Missile Command, Mr. Do!, Ms. Pac Man, Pole Position, Punch-Out!!, Qix, Red Baron, Roadblasters, Robotron: 2084, Scramble, Solar Fox, Space Duel, Space Invaders, Subroc 3D, Super Cobra, Targ, Track & Field, Tron, Yie Ar Kung Fu, Zaxxon2011-100
AnaheimLinbrook Bowl (Web Page) Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 19812017-070
AnaheimMotel 6 (Web Page) Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class of 19812015-090
ArcadiaDave & Busters (Web Page) Centipede/Millipede/Missile Command, Doney Kong/Donkey Kong JuniorMario Bros., Space Invaders/Qix2005-020
AuburnPizza ExpressHard Drivin', Pac-Man, Tetris2006-090
Avalon, Catalina IslMardi GrasCentipede, Ms. Pac-Man, Rampage, Space Invaders2007-090
Big BearShopping AreaDrag Race, Vanguard1999-050
Buena ParkKnott's Berry Farm (Web Page) (Lucys Lunch Box)Frogger, Ms. Pac-Man2012-040
BurbankPriscilla's Gourmet Coffee, Tea & GiftMs. Pac-Man (cocktail)2003-030
CampbellOrchard ValleyMs. Pac-Man (cocktail)2005-040
Cardiff by the SeaCardiff LaundromatSuper Sprint2005-110
CarlsbadPizza Port (Web Page) Midway multi-cade2016-090
Castro ValleyGolflandGalaga, Rampart, Super Sprint, Tetris1998-04- 1 -
ChicoUniversity BarMr. Do! (cocktail)2001-100
City of IndustryGameworks (Web Page) Namco Classic Collection Volume 2 (Rally X, Dig-Dig, Pac-Man) 2002-070
ClaremontLost Levels (Web Page) ($5 for 30 mins / $10 for all-day)Centipede, Crystal Castles, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior, Frogger, Mario Bros., Mr. Do!, Q*Bert, Space Invaders, Tempest, Tron2019-100
coalingaFatte Alberts PizzaGalaga, Ms. Pac-Man2010-070
ColtonFiesta Village (Web Page) Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man, The Simpsons, X-Men2009-070
ConcordPhoenix Games (Web Page) Asteroids Deluxe , Centipede , Donkey Kong , Ghosts n Goblins , Joust , Mario Bros. , Neo-Geo Machine , Nintendo Playchoice 10 , Tempest , Tron 2015-110
ConcordRound Table Pizza (2960 Treat Blvd.) (Web Page) Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man2013-100
CovinaNickel Nickel((626) 915-8155, 329 N. Azusa Ave, 5 to 10 cents a game, $1.95 entry)Aliens, Centipede, Champion Baseball, Defender, Frogger, Gladiator, Klax, Mega Zone, Millipede, Phoenix, Rastan, RoboCop, Shinobi, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Terra Cresta2001-03- 25 -
Crescent CityCrescent City CinemasAsteroids, Lunar Lander, Monaco GP (cockpit), Tetris1998-120
Culver CityTito's Tacos (Web Page) Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 19812007-06- 1 -
CypressCoin Wash Laundromat(next to Poki Roll & Ramen Tetton)Ms. Pac-Man2017-070
DavisG Street PubGalaga (cocktail), Ms. Pac-Man (cocktail)2001-020
DavisWoodstocks PizzaRoad Blasters1998-010
Diamond BarGlobe Move Theater Diamond Bar 8Ms. Pac-Man, Raiden, The Simpsons2002-080
DowneyGolf N StuffDonkey Kong/Donkey Kong Junior/Mario Bros. , Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 19812016-12- 23 -
DublinDeliriumMs. Pac-Man2015-020
El Dorado HillsPurple Place GrillMs. Pac-Man (cocktail)2008-110
El Dorado HillsRegal El Dorado Hills Stadium 14 & IMAXMs. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 19812009-080
EurekaNorth Coast Roleplaying (Web Page) Gauntlet, Rygar - Legendary Warrior2009-080
FairfieldScandia Family Fun CenterAfter Burner , Arch Rivals , Arkanoid , Arkanoid - Revenge Of Doh , Asteroids , Battlezone , Cabal , Centipede , Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat , Final Lap , Frogger , G-LOC , Galaga , Galaxian , Hang-On , Hard Drivin' , Heavy Barrel , Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road , Joust , Millipede , Missile Command , Ms. Pac-Man , Omega Race (cockpit) , Pac-Man , Paperboy , Pitfall II - The Lost Caverns , Road Blasters , Robotron: 2084 , Speed Buggy , Star Wars , Sunset Riders , Super Mario Bros. , Super Sprint , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , Tetris , Thunder Blade (cockpit) , Time Soldiers , Turbo Out Run , Vindicators 2006-09- 20 -
FolsomGodfathers PizzaCabal1998-100
FolsomSutter ClubMillipede (cocktail), Pac-Mania2002-030
FremontBlack AngusCentipede (cocktail), Ms. Pac-Man (cocktail)1998-010
FremontCinedome 81943 The Battle Of Midway, A.P.B., Gyruss, NARC, Rolling Thunder, S.T.U.N. Runner, Super Hang-On2000-040
FresnoOh WowDonkey Kong, Dungeons & Dragons, G-Loc, Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man, Neo Geo, The Simpsons, X-Men2016-080
FullertonMc Clain's CoffeehouseFrogger/Galaga/Ms. Pac-Man2004-030
GlendaleVideo West Game Room(Brand Blvd. just north of Colorado St)Arkanoid, Bubble Bobble, Columns, Galaga, Ms. Pac Man, Tetris2005-020
GlendoraChili PeppersMs. Pac-Man (cocktail)1998-120
Grass ValleyLampost PizzaAsteroids (cocktail)1999-110
Grass ValleyMiner Moes PizzaChoplifter, Phoenix1999-11- 6 -
HanfordKings Drive In TheaterSuper Pac-Man, WWF wrestlefest2007-07- 1 -
HaywardHigh Scores Arcade (Web Page) Centipede, Contra, Crystal Castles, Defender, Donkey Kong, Final Fight, Football (cocktail), Front Line, Gauntlet, Joust, Jungle King, Kangaroo, Millipede, Ms. Pac-Man, Multicade, Omega Race, Popeye, Robotron: 2084, Space Ace, Stargate, Tetris, Tron, Warlords, Zoo Keeper2016-120
HollywoodCheetasMulti Pac2000-060
HollywoodPharmacy Boardshop (Web Page) 720 Degrees2010-100
HollywoodRainbow Bar and Grill (Web Page) Galaga2011-050
Holmby HillsPlayboy MansionCentipede , Donkey Kong , Frogger , Pac-Man 2004-08- 58 -
InglewoodHollywood Park CasinoArkanoid, Galaga (cocktail), Ms. Pac-Man (cocktail), Sky Shark (cocktail), Tetris2000-08- 1 -
IrvineDave and Buster (Web Page) Centipede, Galaga, Missile Command, Ms. Pac-Man, Qix, Space Invaders2005-04- 1 -
IrvineEdwards University 6 TheaterAsteroids, Gaplus, Popeye, Time Pilot '841998-070
Isla VistaBubbles N BeansCentipede, Galaga1998-10- 1 -
Isla VistaGiovannis PizzaPac-Man, Road Blasters1997-120
Isla VistaJavans1943 The Battle Of Midway, Ms. Pac-Man, Road Blasters, Space Duel1999-090
Isla VistaTaqueria720 Degrees, Galaga, Pole Position, Superman1998-12- 1 -
La MesaCoin Haus (Web Page) Altered Beast, Bubble Bobble, Centipede, Contra, Donkey Kong / Donkey Kong Junior, Double Dragon, Elevator Action, Frogger, Ghost N Goblins, Joust, Michael Jacksons Moonwalker, Neo Geo, Paperboy, Revolution X, Rock N Rope, Shinobi, Super Chexx, Tapper, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vs. Duck Hunt, Vs. Excitebike, Vs. Super Mario Brothers2016-070
La QuintaLaser Oasis (Web Page) Asteroids , Centipede/Millipede/Missile Command , Donkey Kong , Galaga , Gauntlet , Mario Bros. , Ms. Pac-Man , Pac-Man , Q*Bert , Space Invaders , X-Men 2017-110
Laguna HillsDon JoseMs. Pac-Man (cocktail)2003-040
Laguna NiguelFuddruckersCentipede2000-120
Lake Forest5 cent Games (Web Page) ($2 admission, 5 cent or free games)Bubble Bobble, Cabal , Centipede , Choplifter , Frogger , Galaga , Ms. Pac-Man , Popeye , Star Force , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , Terra Cresta , The Main Event , WWF Wrestlefest 2006-09- 2 -
Lake TahoeAlpine Meadows Ski LodgeAsteroids (cocktail)2003-040
Lake TahoeMagic Carpet Golf(North Shore)After Burner , Centipede , Ms. Pac-Man , The Simpsons 2010-090
Long BeachHofs HutMs. Pac-Man (cocktail) 2002-060
Los AlamitosLos Alamitos Race Track($3 admission, bottom floor)Galaga, Millipede, Ms. Pac-Man, Out Run2002-060
Los Angeles82 Arcade Bar (Web Page) Asteroids Deluxe, BurgerTime, Centipede, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Dragon's Lair, Frogger, Galaga, Gauntlet, Lunar Lander, Marble Madness, NBA Jam, Off Road, Pac Man, Paperboy, Pole Position, Robotron: 2084, Space Invaders, Star Wars (Cockpit), Tempest, Tron2013-040
Los AngelesAckerman Student Center(UCLA)Centipede/Millipede/Missile Command , Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 1981 2005-08- 1 -
Los AngelesBarney's BeaneryGalaga, Ms. Pac-Man2001-080
Los AngelesSassony ArcadeGalaga, Pac-Man Plus2008-03- 1 -
Los AngelesShatto 39 Lanes (Web Page) Arkanoid, Centipede, Jr. Pac-Man, Monaco GP, Ms. Pac-Man2007-090
Los AngelesTiffany's Coin Laundry zip code 90034Donkey Kong, Galaga, Ms. Pacman, Pac-Man2013-040
Los Angeles (Korea TMiss T's Barcade (Web Page) (ages 21+, open nights)Asteroids , Centipede , Donkey Kong , Galaga , Gauntlet , Gun Fight , Joust , Ms. Pac-Man (cocktail) , Paperboy , Punch-Out!! , Rampage , Robotron: 2084 , Spy Hunter2008-03- 5 -
Mammoth LakesJohn's Pizza WorksAsteroids, Ms. Pac-Man2004-060
MercedOh WowGalaga, Hard Drivin, Off Road, Pac-Mania, X-Men2016-080
MiddletownMount St. Helena Brewing Co. (Web Page) Ms. Pac-Man (Cocktail)2016-030
MilpitasGolflandDig Dug , Galaga, Millipede , Ms. Pac-Man 2001-08- 2 -
MontereyCannery RowCentipede, Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man1998-070
Mountain ViewSports PageGalaga, Ms. Pac-Man, S.T.U.N. Runner2000-110
NapaCinedome 8Centipede1999-080
NewarkBay BilliardsCentipede, Ms. Pac-Man (cocktail)1997-110
Newport BeachBay ArcadeAsteroids, Galaxian2007-110
Newport BeachBrooklyn PizzaMs. Pac-Man (cocktail)1999-100
Newport BeachFun Zone at Balboa IslandGalaga2006-01- 2 -
North HollywoodBig Papi's BBQMillipede (cocktail)2007-040
North HollywoodGame Dude (Web Page) Bust-A-Move2004-090
North HollywoodLittle Toni's PizzeriaMs. Pac-Man (cabaret)2007-030
North HollywoodNoHo Scooters (Web Page) 720 Degrees , Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Junior/Mario Bros. , Gauntlet , Ms. Pac-Man , PlayChoice 10 , Punch-Out!! , Q*Bert , Tempest , Tron , Zaxxon (mini) 2009-020
North HollywoodThe Swinging Door BBQ (Web Page) Centipede (Cabaret)2007-050
OaklandHegenburgers(Hegenburger Rd. near airport)Ms. Pac-Man (cocktail) 2001-07- 1 -
OaklandlaunderlandMs. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 19812011-120
OaklandPump It Up! (Web Page) Centipede2010-110
OaklandTemescal Brewing (Web Page) Ms. Pac-Man (cocktail) 2017-030
OceansideTony Pepperoni (Web Page) Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man2014-120
OntarioDave & BustersCentipede/Millipede/Missile Command/Bowling, Donkey Kong/ Donkey Kong Junior/Mario Bros., Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 1981, Space Invaders/Qix, Ultracade2005-120
OntarioGameworksCentipede, Frogger, Ms. Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 1981, Tetris2005-120
OntarioScandiaAfter Burner II, Centipede/Millipede/Missile Command/Bowling, Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 19812005-120
OrangeRib TraderMillipede (cocktail)1998-060
Palo AltoSu-Hong takeoutMs. Pac-Man (cocktail)2003-11- 1 -
PasadenaAcademy 6 Theater(Upstairs)Arkanoid, Operation Thunderbolt2003-080
PasadenaNeon Retro Arcade (Web Page) Defender, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Joust, Millipede, Moon Patrol, Pac-Man, Popeye, Rampage, Rampart, Space Invaders, Tetris2015-060
PasadenaPak Mann Arcade (CLOSED)NA2005-08- 37 -
PasadenaRobinsMs. Pac-Man-0001-110
PasadenaUrban Outfitters (Web Page) (Colorado Blvd & Pasadena Ave)Asteroids (cocktail) , Battlezone , Zaxxon 2003-11- 2 -
Pleasant HillBurger Road (Web Page) Ms. Pac-Man2009-110
PleasantonQ-ZarHard Drivin', Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road2000-100
PleasantonUnion Jack PubPac-Man1998-030
PomonaParadox Arcade And Bar (Web Page) (Age 21+ Only)After Burner, Asteroids, Centipede, Donkey Kong, Joust, Missile Command, Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 1981, Pole Position II, Q*Bert, Space Invaders Deluxe, The Simpsons, Tron2019-120
ReddingGreyhound StationCisco Heat (cockpit), Commando, Magic Sword, Super Monaco GP2004-100
Redondo BeachPapa Guido'sMs. Pac-Man (cocktail)2005-100
Redondo BeachRedondo Beach Pier(Fun Factory)Asteroids Deluxe , Centipede , Centipede/Millipede/Missile Command , Defender/Stargate , Gaplus , Iron Man Ivan Stewarts Super Off-Road , Joust/Robotron: 2084, Millipede , Ms. Pac-Man , Pac Man Plus , Pac-Man , Pong , R-Type , Space Invaders , Space Invaders/Qix , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , The Simpsons 2012-12- 12 -
RiversideCastle Amusement ParkCentipede , Lethal Enforcers , Ms. Pac-Man , Pac-Land2005-12- 13 -
RodeoD's Giant BurgersMultigame (DK, Frogger, Galaga)2011-100
Rohnert ParkScandiaAero Fighters , After Burner , Centipede , Desert Assault , Donkey Kong Junior , Galaga '88 , Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road , Ms. Pac-Man , Rampage , Robotron: 2084 , Steel Gunner , Steel Talons , Sunset Riders , Super Sprint , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , Tetris , The Simpsons , WWF Wrestlefest 2003-07- 3 -
RosevilleDenio's farmer auction(old auction areaBagman, Berzerk, Burgertime, Golden Axe, Knights Of The Round, Multicade (cocktail), PlayChoice 10, Zaxxon2006-080
RosevilleGolfland-Sunsplash720 Degrees, Arkanoid, Centipede, Frogger, Galaga, Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road, Jr. Pac-Man, Millipede, Ms. Pac-Man, Phoenix, Rampage, Super Sprint, Toobin'2001-02- 23 -
SacramentoFamous Burger(65th St and Folsom Blvd)Burgertime, Centipede (cocktail), Pac-Man (cocktail)1998-110
SacramentoLaundromat(Del Paso & Norwood)Ms. Pac-Man1998-050
SacramentoMilano's pizzaDonkey Kong, Gauntlet, Smash TV2006-09- 1 -
SacramentoOld Sacramento - around 1115 Front St anDig Dug, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Galaga, Mario Bros., Millipede, Pac-man, Pole Position, Punch-Out!!, Star Wars, Tron2015-040
SacramentoScandiaAfter Burner (cockpit) , Centipede , Hydra (cockpit) , Ms. Pac-Man , Ultracade2005-12- 2 -
SacramentoThe Spaghetti FactoryArkanoid, Centipede, Paperboy, Road Blasters1998-04- 2 -
San BrunoArtichoke JoesMillipede , Multi Pac2003-010
San DiegoArcade Car Wash (Web Page) Multicade2015-070
San DiegoBelmont Park Arcade (Web Page) Asteroids, Centipede, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man, Space Invaders2014-110
San DiegoCasbah (Web Page) Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man, Robotron: 20842001-030
San DiegoConvoy Hand Car Wash (Web Page) Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 19812018-100
San DiegoDog Haus (Web Page) Multicade, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles2017-090
San DiegoFamily Fun Center(6999 Clairemont Mesa Blvd)Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man, Tetris2001-070
San DiegoFat Boyz PizzaCentipede , Ms. Pac-Man 2005-02- 2 -
San DiegoGalactic Comics (Web Page) Multigame, RoboCop2015-020
San DiegoKearny Mesa Bowl (Web Page) Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 19812013-070
San DiegoLuna Video Games (Web Page) Ms. Pac-Man2015-020
San DiegoNickel City1943 The Battle Of Midway , Aliens , Buster Bros. , Carrier Air Wing, Centipede , Donkey Kong , Galaga , Gate of Doom , Karate Champ , Mario Bros. , Ms. Pac-Man , Namco Classic Collection Volume 2 , Rolling Thunder , Smash TV , Super Sprint , WWF Superstars 2003-06- 3 -
San DiegoReuben H. Fleet Science Center(Exhibit closes Jan 15th, 2018)Asteroids, Centipede, Defender, Donkey Kong, Elevator Action, Gun Fight, Missile Command, Pac-Man, Reactor, Rip Off, Robotron: 2084, Scramble, Space Invaders, Tempest, Tower of Druaga, Xevious2017-110
San DiegoSD Brewski's (Web Page) Multi-Game, Pac-Man, Tetris, U.N. Squadron2013-070
San DiegoSidecar (Web Page) Ms. Pac-Man2016-090
San DiegoThe Corvette Diner (Web Page) Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 19812009-08- 1 -
San DiegoTiki Bar (Web Page) Scramble2013-040
San Francisco26 Mix (Web Page) (21+)Frogger (cocktail), Ms. Pac-Man (cocktail), Pole Position2002-05- 1 -
San FranciscoAquarius Records (Web Page) Ghosts 'n Goblins, Joust, Rastan, Tron2009-020
San FranciscoBrewcade (Web Page) Altered Beast, Burgertime, Donkey Kong, Golden Axe, Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road, Mario Bros., Ms. Pac-Man, Tron, WWF Superstars2015-120
San FranciscoBroadway JoesShinobi (cocktail) 2001-060
San FranciscoDity Thieves barMultigame (DK, Frogger, Galaga)2011-070
San FranciscoHotel W (Web Page) Ms. Pac-Man (cocktail, free play)2008-04- 1 -
San FranciscoLi Po(Must be 21)Jr. Pac-Man (cocktail)2001-060
San FranciscoMusée MécaniqueBattlezone , Bust-A-Move , Centipede , Death Race , Galaxian , Millipede , Monaco GP , Moon Patrol , Ms. Pac-Man , Pole Position , Raiden II , Robotron: 2084 , Sprint 2 , Spy Hunter , Star Wars 2006-01- 4 -
San FranciscoMusee Mecanique (Web Page) Championship Sprint, Millipede, Namco Classic Collection Volume 2, Robotron: 2084, Spy Hunter, Star Wars2008-12- 1 -
San FranciscoRiptide Arcade (Pier 39) (Web Page) Bust-A-Move , Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 1981 2006-060
San FranciscoThe Condor Sports BarMs. Pac-Man (cocktail)2001-060
San FranciscoThe Cookie Shop(New Montgomery St)Ms. Pac-Man2000-070
San FranciscoThe Presidio Bowling CenterUltracade2003-09- 2 -
San Jose4th St. BowlingGalaga '881999-050
San JoseCentury 22 TheaterA.P.B., Gondomania, P.O.W. Prisoners Of War, Pac-Land, Pac-Man, The Real Ghost Busters1999-010
San JoseGolflandCentipede , Ms. Pac-Man , Space Invaders 2001-07- 1 -
San JoseNickel City (Web Page) (all games free play)720 Degrees , Asteroids , Ataxx , Block Out , Blood Bros. , Buster Bros. , Centipede , Championship Sprint , Dig Dug , Donkey Kong Junior , Double Dragon , Final Fight , Frogger , G-LOC , Galaxian , Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder , Gyruss , Mario Bros. , Ms. Pac-Man , Namco Classic Collection Volume 2 (Pac Man, Dig Dug, Rally X) , Pac-Man , Paperboy , Pole Position , Rampart , Speed Buggy , Tetris , The Simpsons , WWF Superstars , Zaxxon 2006-06- 4 -
San JoseSan Jose Flea Market1943 The Battle Of Midway, F-1, Pole Position, Rampage, Star Wars1999-110
San JoseWash & Dry(11th. st. by SJ State College)Centipede, Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man2005-040
San JoseWinchester Mystery House (Web Page) Asteroids , Centipede , Dig Dug, Ghosts 'n Goblins , Ms. Pac-Man , Pole Position , The Simpsons , Vs. Super Mario Bros. 2009-11- 6 -
San Luis ObispoSunset North Car WashMs. Pac-Man (cocktail)2005-090
San MateoBay Meadows Race TrackMr. Do!1998-030
San MateoThe Great EntertainerMs. Pac-Man 2003-010
San PabloCasino San PabloColumns , Tetris 2003-080
San PedroSorrento'sMs. Pac-Man2001-110
San RafaelA&W ResturantRoad Blasters1998-030
San RafaelAlladins Castle (Northgate Mall)Ms. Pac-Man 2003-020
San RafaelStarbase One Arcade (Web Page) Aero Fighters 2 , Atomic Punk Global Quest , Baseball Stars 2 , Carrier Air Wing , Cyberball , Final Fight , Ghouls 'n Ghosts , Heavy Barrel , Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road , Master of Weapon , Mega Zone , Ms. Pac-Man , Operation Wolf , Pac-Man , Raiden II , Road Blasters , Rolling Thunder , The Simpsons , Tumblepop , Turbo Out Run , World Cup Soccer , Zed Blade 2006-04- 5 -
Santa BarbaraMetro ComicsBust-A-Move2000-090
Santa BarbaraTaffy's Pizza (Web Page) Ms. Pac-Man (cocktail)2005-090
Santa BarbaraUniversity CenterAssault, Galaga '88, Out Zone1999-100
Santa ClaraCalifornia's Great America (Web Page) Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 1981 2010-060
Santa CruzBoardwalk (Casino Fun Center) , Arkanoid , Asteroids , Asteroids Deluxe , Battlezone , Blasteroids , Centipede , Donkey Kong , Frogger , Galaxian , Gorf , Kung-Fu Master , Ms. Pac-Man , Pac-Man , Rampage , Robotron: 2084 , Space Duel , Space Invaders , Star Wars , Stargate , Super Sprint , Track & Field , Tron 2015-04- 18 -
Santa CruzBoardwalk (Funland Arcade)Galaxian , Joust/Robotron: 2084 , Ms. Pac-Man , Tetris , Ultracade 2015-04- 2 -
Santa CruzBoardwalk (Neptune's Kingdom)Asteroids , Burgertime , Marble Madness , Ms. Pac-Man , Pac-Man Plus 2013-01- 5 -
Santa CruzLive Oak LaundromatMs. Pac-Man2009-09- 1 -
Santa CruzThe Boardwalk BowlCentipede , Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 1981, Tetris , Ultracade 2003-090
Santa MariaFigueroa Mountain Brewing Co (Pizzeria) (Web Page) Ms Pac-Man 2018-050
Santa MonicaPacific ParkGalaga , Pac-Man 1999-11- 4 -
Santa MonicaSanta Monica Pier PlaylandCentipede , Galaga , Ms. Pac-Man , Pac-Man , Super Mario Bros.2006-06- 4 -
Sherman OaksHouse of BilliardsArkanoid (cocktail), Ms. Pac-Man (cocktail), Tetris (cocktail)2004-090
SonomaThe Club HouseUltracade2002-04- 1 -
South Bay LARedondo Beach BoardwalkPong2000-010
South Lake TahoeChevy'sCentipede (cocktail), Ms. Pac-Man (cocktail)2001-120
South PasadenaRound Table PizzaG-LOC (cockpit)1999-120
South San FranciscoCentury PlazaGalaga '88 , Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road , Ms. Pac-Man 2000-070
South San FranciscoWestborough DeliMs. Pac-Man (cocktail)2003-010
South San FranciscoZorba's Pizza (Web Page) Arkanoid (cocktail), Galaga (cocktail)2002-090
Studio CityFat JacksMs. Pac-Man (cocktail)2005-120
Sugar Bowl Ski ResorSugar Bowl Ski ResortMs. Pac-Man2001-010
SunnyvaleGolflandUltracade 2006-06- 1 -
Tahoe CityThe ElevationAsteroids, Pac-Man (cocktail), Space Invaders (cocktail)1998-120
TorranceAMF Bowl-o-Drome LanesGalaga, Ms. Pac-Man2001-100
TracyRoasted Bean Cafe/PanacheJr. Pac-Man , Rally-X (cocktail)2012-01- 2 -
TulareTime Out PizzaGalaxian , Pac-Man 2001-110
TurlockTurlock Signature TheatersMs. Pac-Man2001-060
UplandBlackwatch barMs. Pac-Man (cocktail)2008-050
UplandJames GamesArkanoid , Ms. Pac-Man , Snow Bros. - Nick & Tom , Tetris 2005-12- 3 -
UplandNickel Nickel1942, Break Thru, Columns, Columns II: The Voyage Through Time, ESWAT Cyber Police, Frogger, G-LOC (cockpit), Hit The Ice, Kangaroo, Klax, Lethal Enforcers, Mega Zone, Popeye, Rad Mobile (cockpit), RoboCop, Rygar - Legendary Warrior, Shinobi, Smash TV, Star Force, Terra Cresta, Tetris, The Real Ghost Busters, Tiger-Heli, WWF Wrestlefest, X-Men, '88 Games2005-12- 1 -
VacavilleScandia Miniture GolfSteel Talons2006-02- 1 -
VallejoWaterworld Water ParkTron, Turbo Out Run1998-070
VenturaGolf N' StuffCentipede/Millipede/Missile Command , Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Junior/Mario Bros. , Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 1981 , Tetris2005-050
VistaBoomers (Web Page) Galaga , Ms. Pac-Man 2010-120
Walnut CreekAbernathys (Locust St)Ms. Pac-Man1998-090
WattsonvilleCesar's ClubMs. Pac-Man2009-090
woodlandDk's Place (Web Page) Ms. Pac-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles2009-110
Yorba LindaGrazianos Italian RestaurantMs. Pac Man (cocktail)2009-030

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